September 6, 2007

This ain't yo granddaddy's clock!

Who doesn't like Grandfather clocks? Well, if you like them, you should really check out Howard Miller clocks. Howard Miller designs some pretty awesome clocks. Everything from traditional to contemporary to unique styles that defy convention. I really like this contemporary grandfather clock. It's hip and classy at the same time.

Grandfather clocks have such a strong following, there are entire blogs dedicated to grandfather clocks.

One of the biggest, (if not THE biggest) places to buy Grandfather clocks is a place that has a really easy to remember name. 1-800-4-clocks. No, that's not the phone number, well, I guess it really *is* a phone number, their phone number, actually, but it's also the name of the company! Their website is, you guessed it! reroutes you there as well.

I love when companies do that! Like 1-800-FLOWERS(.com) or 1-800-CONTACTS(.com). It makes it really easy to remember how to get in touch with them. just (No, I don't think that's a real site or number. Please don't dial it to find out.) It's very good marketing, and helpful to the consumer (that's me!).

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