September 10, 2007

Just a suggestion

On the following website - - there are a number of hypnosis downloads that you can possibly use to hypnotize yourself. I say possibly because not everyone is open to hypnosis. Hypnosis can be in some people a very powerful way to alter behavior or thinking patterns. It isn't a toy. It's not something to be played with. This isn't some "make you cluck like a chicken" or kiss a stranger comedy act. This is stuff to help you change your thought patterns. The site offers a guarantee that it will work for you - if you want it to. The site offers unusual stuff, too, like download-able ESP, hypnotize yourself taller, and other physical or psycic changes. I don't know about all that. I do believe that when done properly, hypnosis can help change your thought patterns. The website offers a guarentee, not me. I will say that I'm pretty positive whatever you want to do self-improvement hypnosis to do, they have a download for you.

If you are interested, check them out at

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