August 9, 2007

What the Thoof!

One day, two web 2.0 geniuses were sitting in a Starbucks sipping their non-fat, quad shot, French vanilla, extra hot Venti Mochaccino with caramel, when one said to the other, "We need to come up with a personalized news news website."

"You mean like /., digg, or Netscape?" the other replied.

"Well, sort of, but more like or StumbleUpon," the first corrected. (And, yes, you could hear the punctuation in their conversation.)

"Oh, so not like Fark or Reddit."

"No, nothing like Fark!"

"Okay, so how would it work?"

"Can I have a biscoitt and another coffee?" the first 2.0 guru said to the waitress.

"Sure, what would you like?"

"I think I'll have a 2% triple Venti Mocha Latte this time. And add cinnimon."

"Right away!"

"You see, there are problems with the sites that are out there. They are either too regulated, like /. - too structured, like digg's categories, or too wide open, like I want to use tags instead of categories, so the submitters can put as many tags as they want."

"That's cool! And we can make it were the other readers can edit the original post! I hate seeing typos or bad descriptions on good articles. It happens all the time!"

"Yeah, so it'll have some Wikipedia flavor to it, too! But I think we should control those - so throw some more /. flavor in the mix."

"Oh, and we can give them a badge to place on their website or blog that shows how popular their site is to give them bragging rights."

"Excellent idea!"

"Great! I see where this is going, but what do we call it?"

"It has to sound very 2.0 - because this is just about the most 2.0ish site ever!"

"I think you mean EVAR!" (Again, these web jockeys can even speak typo memes.)

"I don't know - how about Wikigg.icio/.scapeUponr?"

"No, that name is already taken."

"We can just add 'Beta' to it."

"Nope, it's been done too."

"Oh, hmmmm...."

Just then, the waitress returned with the drink. As the first Net master reached into his pocket for the money, he dropped it. When he bent over to pick it up, another patron who was trying to pass by tripped over his arm and fell to the ground.

"THOOF!" the fallen customer exclaimed.

"THAT'S IT!" the two creative geniuses proclaimed.

And thus, a web site was born.

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