August 13, 2007

How fast *WERE* you going?

When I was younger, dumber, and drove a lot faster - I always wanted a radar detector. I thought it would be cool to know when I needed to slow down. Of course, it wouldn't help if you were going 120 in a 45, and the police were right around the corner "running gun" - if you are being stupid like that - you probably wouldn't have time to slow down.

Not that I've ever driven 120 or anything.

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bernicky said...

This post reminds me of a summer afternoon in my dad's Olds Cutlass - a big 350 4 barrel beast - running along Osias Leduc pushing it to 100 mph. I was shocked when a car pulled up beside me - my Dad driving my mother's Nova SS. Whoops. Lost car rights for two weeks. :(