June 4, 2007

Steve and Bill at D5

I would like to thank The News Room for this great clip of the interview between Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple, and Bill Gates, founder and long-time leader of Microsoft. These two are often seen as arch enemies, but the way they conducted themselves on stage, they seem to be =old friends, and to have a lot of respect for one another. They talk about their intertwined pasts, the present state of computers, and their individual views of the future.

Here's the video, enjoy as the titans of Silicon Valley share the stage at D5.

Again, I'd like to thank to good folks at The News Room for this clip. The News Room is a website that provides access to all kinds of news footage from agencies around the world. They provide these free of charge. They also offer a CPM based reward program for showing their footage. You can earn from $1 up to $4 per thousand page impressions, just for embedding one of their videos, just like the one I did here. It was free and easy to do so, just like embedding a YouTube or other online video. I just had to create a free account, and tell them where to send the money. It's a great system.

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