June 3, 2007

Rig for my MacBook

As my faithful readers know, (hi Mom), I have a MacBook that I am very fond of. It comes with a lot of stuff, including a built-in iSight, which is Apple's very small, very powerful web-cam, camcorder, and digital camera. I like it a lot, and have used it often. The only problem I have with the iSight is that it is built into the laptop case in the area right above the top center of the monitor. This is, of course, the ideal place for it when using it as a web cam, but for any other purpose, that inflexible location kind of sucks. My friend just bought an Acer laptop with Microsoft Windows Vista, and its built in web cam is located in the same location on the laptop. However, it's built so that it can rotate around so you can take pictures of what is on the other side of the laptop (like what the user of the laptop is looking at if he looks over the top of the screen). That would be a big improvement on Apple's next generation of MacBooks and MacBook Pros. In the meantime, I'll have to rig something up. Maybe I can use Makeup Mirrors to create some kind of periscope, so I can aim the camera behind itself.

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