June 20, 2007

Proudly Place Pictures Properly

I'm about to go through a once in a life time experience. The kind of experience that you want captured in a picture - actually, a lot of pictures. But usually, this event is summed up in one unforgetable photograph. What if you wanted to get that picture placed on a real canvas? Now you can. I'm getting a photo enlargement to make this memorable memory more momentus.

What the company "Canvas on Demand" does is turn your digital photo, which you upload to their web site, or your physical photo, which you snail mail to them, and within a few business days (4 to 5 days after the photo is received), the canvas art based on your photo is at your door.

The next time your once in a lifetime memory comes along, be sure to take a lot of pictures, and get your favorites turned into framable, displayable, real canvas art. It makes a great gift, too. Grandparents, graduates, parents, newlyweds, and anyone with a memory that needs to be honored, would love a canvas of their important memory that will last a lifetime.

Don't let your memories get stranded on a memory card. Proudly hang them on the wall on canvas where they belong.

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