June 5, 2007

Creepy Picture

Want to hear a scary story?

This is kinda spooky. When I was a kid, there was this creepy looking house in the neighborhood. It wasn’t that far from my house, actually. About 5 or 6 blocks, I’d guess. It was an old black house. It was on top of a hill, (as all good spooky houses should be). It was dark, vacant, in disrepair, and would make noises as the wind blew, especially at night. It was straight out of a Stephen King novel, or movie - like the upcoming 1408 Movie.

The old run down house was vacant most of my childhood, which, of course, added to the el creepo factor. But in the 4th grade, a family moved into the house. The family included a a set of identical twin girls that were my age, and therefore in my grade. So as I rode the bus to school, we’d now have to stop by that freaky house and pick up the little blonde sisters.

One day, the sisters got on to the bus, and they sat in the seat across from me.

“You think our house is scary, don’t you?” asked one of the girls.

“Yes, it’s a bit spooky,” I replied.

“We think so, too,” the other girl said. “Want to see something creepy?”


The girl pulled an old photograph from her backpack. “We found this in the attic. It was taken on our front porch.” They handed me the picture. “Be careful, it’s very old.”

The picture was in black and white. It had started to brown with age. It was a thicker than the average modern photograph, and felt more like a polaroid than a normal photo.

The photo was of a family seated or standing on the porch of the girls’ house. None of them were smiling, (which, is normal in most old pictures). The front door was opened and empty. You could see nothing but darkness in the house beyond the door.

“Shake it,” one sister said.

“Yes, shake it,” the other chimed in.

I did.

A head appeared in the doorway of the house that wasn’t there before. The head had no body.

“Don’t stare at it too long.”

“Yes, as soon as you look away, the head will be gone. We’ve starred at it for a very long time, and it never goes away until you close your eyes or look away. We don’t know what will happen if you don’t stop looking at it, but we don’t want to find out!”

Okay, so I’m no Stephen King, but it’s a true story at least. I don’t know if 1408 Movie is based on a true story, but I doubt it. But I’m sure it will scare you a lot more than my story!

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