June 10, 2007

Consider VOiP for your business

When considering a phone service for your business, be sure to check out all of your options. The world of voice communications is a far more wide open space than it used to be. A mere 25 years ago, te only real option was AT&T. Now, not only are there multiple standard land-line phone companies to choose from, but there are also other options. Everything from buying your employees a fleet of smartphones, your choice of standard landline phone systems, or VOIP Small Business phone systems. These VOiP based systems are not just a good idea for financial savings, (although they usually are much less expensive than cell phones or landlines), but they offer features that can often exceed features offered by the big telecos. You can have up to 32 phones on one system, with some companies, and how about voicemail that fowards to your email? Or forwarding calls from your office phone to your home phone, your cell phone, and your assistant's phone, all at the same time? Depending on what service and what plan you go with, these and more options are out there on VOiP, usually for hundreds less per year than a base-model landline based system.

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