June 19, 2007

Better than James or Austin

By now, I'm sure you've heard about USA Network's Burn Notice, which is a new show that is about a professional spy who gets fired and now has to make a living in the non-spy (aka real) world. And while he might no longer have the bankroll of Money Penny, or Q making the gadgets for him, this now former secret agent can still use his James Bond style skills to get by.

Having never met, much less worked for or with, a Money Penny or Q, I've always had to rely on my Bond skills alone to get me by. I've never had a rocket-lainching Aston Martin, or even a Union Jack themed Jaguar. But by 1987 Dodge Caravan SE has something that a spy needs that neither one of those 2 cars can offer - it doesn't stand out. I mean, if you see a brand new gleeming silver sports car with an obviously expensive options package - the first thing you are going to do is stare at it. This is precisely what you *don't* want to happen, if you are a spy. Another benefit that my 3.0 V6 mini van has that Bond and Powers should be jealous of is storage. How much spy equipment can you really fit into a two seat sports car? Not nearly as much as you can into the cavernous interior of a mini van with collaspable seats! I could fit a whole mobile office in their, with 3 or 4 work stations equiped with laptops or Mac Minis with LCD displays, LCD TVs, put a low-profile satillete dish on the roof (hidden from view by the luggage rack, of course), have room for a mini fridge and microwave for those long hours of stakeouts, and even have room for a fold out mattress, if I needed to stay parked outside the bad guy's estate for a few days. Try sleeping in an Aston Martin. The seats might be ultra-comfortable, but they can't lay down.

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