May 25, 2007

Working for yourself

The small business revolution is upon us. In today's economy, nearly half the businesses in the US are SMB, or small-to-medium businesses. No longer are the Big Business big business. Everyone from the WFHM (Work From Home Mom) to the Web 2.0 entrepreneurs are earning big bucks by working for themselves. It can be a lonely road, though, and sometimes doubt creeps in. That's why there is a blog full of motivational articles for entrepreneurs.

The blog covers motivational articles for the seasoned experienced veteran and young entrepreneur alike.

Working for yourself requires a great deal of self discipline. There is not someone looking over your shoulder making sure the work gets done.

Another skill that is needed for the self-employed is handling criticism. Be prepared for well-meaning (and some not-so-well-meaning) friends, family members, and acquaintances to tell you in various ways to "Get a *Real* job!" Also, you have to be able to handle rejection, as you will most likely face as many set backs as successes.

Most self-employeed people don't have health insurance, and they tend to work more hours and stress more than the average employee. Therefore, maintaining or even starting a healthier lifestyle is important as well.

Starting your own business has many benefits - make your own hours, no earning caps, only limited by your own skill, imagination, and desire - and a number of problems, as discussed above. But ultimately, it can be a very beneficial way to work.

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