May 19, 2007

Planning a Youth Outing?

Youth outings are a great way to promote a tighter knit youth group, and to get the young people in your church to come away from their day to day life and think about their relationships with God and others. Common youth activities include bowling, minigolf, church "lock ins" (the youth group sending the night in the church or fellowship hall), amusement parks, sporting events, rollerskating, etc.. But have you considered taking your youth group camping?

Getting your teens away from the city, away from their homes, away from the Internet, cable TV, and their cell phones, could be away to get them to focus on what is important. If you are considering such an outing, consider getting some camping and GPS rentals online. With the GPS equipment, and some planning, you can have GPS-enabled treasure hunts, and, of course, they help you from getting lost.

While I never personally had a camping youth trip, I have gone on other trips with my church youth group growing up. Traveling state to state with my youth choir, going to Atlanta for hockey games, Six Flags, and baseball games, we even did a missions trip to Jamaica (yes - there was actual ministry being done - not just sightseeing). Each of these experiences brought me closer to God and closer to the ministers and other kids in the youth group. It's hard to climb up a waterfall with people (yes, you read that right), and not form lasting bonds.

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