May 4, 2007

Open Letter To Steve Jobs: Please Build The Missing Mac

From the letter:
I have owned many Macs over the years including: LC, LC III, PowerMac 6100, 7200, iBook G3 15", PowerBook G4 12" (the best laptop form factor ever, btw) and Mac Mini G4, so let me share with you what I think is missing from Apple's basically awesome Mac product line.
I think there are several missing Macs.
  1. MacTablet (like the ModBook - only from Apple)
  2. 12" MacBook Pro
  3. MacNewton / iNewton / UMMac (No, the iPhone isn't this - it's close, but it needs more PDA/office type stuff)
  4. Expandable Mac Mini / Mac Minitower / NormalMac - as described in this letter
  5. CheapMac - A Mac Mini type thing for around $300 - and a hacked AppleTV isn't the same thing, either - you end up spending almost as much as a Mac Mini by the time you upgrade the hard drive, and then you can only use it on your TV, which even at 1080p isn't as high resolution as my MacBook.
  6. iGame or iPlay or iBox or iCube or iWii some sort of gaming system. That's just a Apple fanboy pipe dream, I know, but I'd love it.

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