May 31, 2007

Get published - right now - its easy!

Someone that I dearly love is a writer. This person was born to write. I've never read anything that this person wrote that wasn't pure genius. You might think that I am biased, but I'm not the only one to recognize this immense talent. This person has written a lot, for school, for college, for personal enjoyment, but has yet to write commercially. I hope that through encouragement and support to be able to change that, and now I may have found a way to get started. is a self publishing web site. It allows writers, photographers, illustrators, novelists, essayists, journalists, hobbyists, and any one with a book in them to have a professionally printed and bound copy of their work made. In fact, authors can have dozens or hundreds of copies of their book published. And it can be done as the orders come in, so - in essence - the service is free to you. You never have to buy a book that you don't already have an order for. There is no set up cost, and no minimum order to buy. And there is no need to have any kind of "inventory" just sitting around. The books are printed as they are needed. To me, it is a great way to get into the word of books.

You don't have to be a professional, or even aspiring author to use this service. Think about turning your photo album into a beautifully bound book for family gifts during the holidays. Capture special events in your life - weddings, graduations, births, vacations - in an unforgettable book for your coffee table or shelf. You can even turn your blog into a book. (Which, I am considering to do.) It's great for anyone who might want to have something special to treasure or share with others.

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