May 4, 2007

10 Rules for Responsible Blogging

I found a list of rules that all bloggers should be aware of, about blogging responsibly. I found them on Sponsored Reviews. You can read the whole article, (with detailed explanation of each point), on their blog.
  1. Check your facts
  2. Respect copyright law
  3. Consider the implications
  4. Control the comments
  5. Give credit where credit is due
  6. Disclose professional relationships
  7. Disclose sponsored posts
  8. Be transparent with affiliate links
  9. Respect tax law
  10. Avoid “black hat” methods

This post was brought to you by Sponsored Reviews. Sponsored Reviews is a service where companies can buy reviews of their products, services, or websites, and where bloggers can get paid to offer those reviews. (And, as you can see, by disclosing this was a sponsored post and linking to the original source of the material, I'm complying with at least 2 or 3 of these blogging rules.

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