April 10, 2007

Open hailing frequencies

Well, as I'm sure you are all aware, the biggest thing online nowadays is social networking. Whether its general stuff like MySpace, news-tech stuff like digg, pass-connections stuff like Classmates, or business level stuff like LinkedIn, everywhere you look there is a social net for you. One of the latest is Sci-Edge.me.com - it's a Science Fiction / Fantasy type site for the Star Trek geek in all of us. Sign up is a breeze. Three simple steps (which took me less than 3 minutes) and your done. Of course, with all the customization tools available, you could spend literally hours decorating your site.

So, what are you into? Star Trek? If so, which one, TNG, TOS, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise? What about Star Wars? Is Luke or Ani your favorite Skywalker? If Ani, before or after the extreme face makeover? Do you go oldschool/old's cool with Dr. Who or X-Files? Maybe some retro Quantum Leap or Back to the Future is your thing. Or perhaps you prefer the modern Battlestar Galactica, the classic BG, or maybe your a Firefly fan. Perhaps you are more into LOTR, or DnD. Whatever your flavor of SciFi, you have a home at Sci-Edge.me.com.

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