April 26, 2007

Online Bidding - with a twist

Tired of getting "sniped" at the last second on ebay? Are you sick of paying the absolute maximum you'd be willing to pay to get a certain item? Well now you can play the online auction game another way. At bid4prizes, it isn't the highest bid that wins - it is the lowest unique bid. So let's say you have 10 bidders, and they bid like this:

  1. Bidder A: $10
  2. Bidder B: $20
  3. Bidder C: $1
  4. Bidder D: $3.21
  5. Bidder E: $7.50
  6. Bidder F: $1
  7. Bidder G: $250
  8. Bidder H: $3
  9. Bidder I: $3
  10. Bidder J: $5
In that case, Bidder D would get it, because it's the lowest unique bid. It's not the lowest bid - that's $1. And it's not the only unique bid, ($250, $10, $20, $7.50, and $5 were also unique bids) - but it was the lowest unique bid, and therefore it would win. Check them out!

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