April 18, 2007

My list of Must Have Free Apps for Mac OS X (Apple)

Lists are a big thing on blogs. So here is my list of "Must-Have *FREE* apps for Mac OS X". (In no particular order, and this is just my opinion.) The programs are not necessarily Mac-only either. Many of them have ports for, or are actually native to, other platforms (Linux, Windows, etc.)

  • NeoOffice - a full-featured, Aqua-native, MS-Compatible office suite. (It's actually a self-contained port of OpenOffice.org, which has its own version for Mac, but it requires X11.) NeoOffice has a word processor, a spreadsheet program, a presentation application, a database, a vector drawing program, and more.
  • Audacity - an easy-to-use, powerful multi-track audio editing program. Combine this bad boy with some easy-to-find, easy-to-install free addons, and you've got yourself a powerful tool for making your own tracks (ogg, aiff, wav, and with LAME - mp3).
  • Firefox - What are you, living under a rock?
    • If you must be Mac-only - go Camino, which is a little faster and slightly more stable on OS X, but it lacks a lot of the extensions and no theme support.
    • If you must be all-in-one Internet suite - go SeaMonkey, the great-great-grandson of the really-should-be-considered-dead-but-has-been-frankestined-by-AOL Netscape Navigator suite of the early 90s, and the grandson of the Mozilla Suite of the late 90s, early 21st century.
  • BibleDesktop - a portal to tons of free Bible study materials and translations. Great for Christians, Jews, Muslims, and seekers who just want to know what's up with the Bible.
  • GIMP/GIMPShop - a powerful Photoshop-like graphics program that lets you do amazing things with your images.
  • Google Earth - tab into the resources of the mighty Google to find out what Powell's Crossroads, TN looks like from 10,000 feet.
  • KompoZer - This WYSIWYG HTML editor is standards compliant and uses CSS very well. It is another descendant of Netscape. This time by way of N|Vu by way of Mozilla Suite.
  • AbiWord - a light weight word processor, for those who think TextEdit is too wimpy, but don't need a full suite, like NeoOffice.
There are more. I'll follow up later.

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