April 11, 2007

Move up to the top

Want to get your personal or your company's website to the top 10 of Google search results? Do you want to see your company's name first thing when you search for your category or product? Would you like increased traffic and therefore increased sales to your site? And do you want these results naturally? Well you can get there, but you might need to change some things about your site.

Did you know something as simple as a site map can increase your Google Page Rank? Did you know that the way you format a page actually matters to search engines? Did you know that your headings carry more weight than your content when it comes to spiders? You might not know these things, or even need to know, if you hire a search engine optimization company to revamp your site for you.

A SEO (search engine optimization) company can make your web site stand out to search engines, and to other sites. The number of links into your site determines, to a great extent, how much value a search engine gives to your site, so making it easy to link in makes a huge difference. Simply changing the URL or address of your pages from http://www.yourcompaniesdomainname.com/pages/194f07hfds.php?page=041120070915 to http://www.yourcompaniesdomainname.com/support/contactus.php can make a large improvement. It certainly makes it easier for people to accurately link into your site. These and other changes can move your site off of page 6 and onto page 1 of search results.

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