April 25, 2007

Help when it is really needed

Every once in a while, parents need a little help. Sometimes it is the result of a major traumatic event - abuse, the death of a loved one, violence at school, a rape, etc. - or a slowly increasing behavioral problem - drug abuse, teen drinking, joining a gang or cult - but whatever the reason, the best, most loving, most giving parents may not be able to help their teen through every crisis. That is why targeted therapeutic boarding schools or camps have there place. And I, personally, am grateful for them. It was one such facility that helped a person very dear to me to overcome a problem that was consuming much of that person's life.

By isolating teens from the things that are "normal" in their lives, these boarding schools are able to remove all the negative influences that surround them. Things like negative peer pressure, the availability of drugs and alcohol, bullies, whatever means of escape from reality they have in their own homes and rooms (video games, music, the Internet), their so-called "friends," homework, their job, etc.. Some of these things in and of themselves may not be bad things - some may even be helpful - but the overall effect of the influences in their lives are what have landed them in the situation they are in, which is one that is in need of some serious help.

Also by removing the teens from their everyday existence, these facilities are able to establish an environment conducive to calmness, reflection, communication, and repair. By physically transporting the teens to a special place of healing, the message is being sent that - this is a serious problem, it is so serious that it has to be fixed, and you are so important that we have a special place set up just to help you. You are here to get better. Period.

One such place is the Carolina Springs Academy Specialty Boarding School. If you are in the North and South Carolina area, and you know a teen that is need of this kind of intensive help, you might want to check them out.

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