April 5, 2007

Did you fall asleep online?

What will the web think of next? I mean, this Web 2.0 thing seemed pretty logical when your calendar, email, photos, and even spreadsheets went online. It even made sense to put your videos and play lists online. But wake-up calls scheduled over the Internet? Wow. Who would have thought?

Now, this isn't just some canned "This wake up call was given by Snoozester" *click* kind of thing. No, that wouldn't be anything worth writing about. You can have different friendly Snoozester characters call you. They have a drill sergeant, an 18-month old, an all-American sweetheart, and more. They even have a sea-faring pirate!

What's even better is that they don't let you sleep. It's not just a "hey we called" kind of thing. With the "Secure Awake" plan, if you don't wake up, answer the phone, and acknowledge that you are awake, Snoozester will keep calling. They even have a "snooze button" feature so you can catch a few extra ZZZs.

And it's not just to wake you up, either. You can even schedule reminder calls through out the day. If you have a special event or an important meeting that you can't afford to miss, you can type in a short personal message that will be played back to you over a phone call to remind you of your appointment. These reminder calls also have a snooze button feature in case you need a little more time.

Now, you can sign up for free, and you get a few free calls for doing so, but even if your call credits run out, (you can earn more by referring people), the cost is next to nothing. For less than five dollars a month, you can get the secure wake up service, which won't let you oversleep.

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