April 13, 2007

Clarity, Color, Brillance

It's been months, but I'm still searching for the right one - the special one - the one that is unlike any other - the one that I need to begin the next phase of my life. I need to find the right diamond. There are plenty of places that sell diamonds, but there is only one diamond that is right for what I need to do. It is out there, with just the right color, cut, clarity, and carat. It shines perfectly. It makes the statement that I need it to make. I will find it, and I will use it. I just have to keep looking.

What I need is an expert gemologist who can narrow the field for me. Someone to find the diamonds that meet the exacting standards of quality and that are worthy of the use that I have for this one special diamond. I need to educate myself in what makes a one diamond better than another - and not just base it on how pretty it looks in the extreme close up, professionally lit picture or the special lighting of the jewerly store. I need expert advice. I need a place that will show me it really means to find a Brilliant Diamond.

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