April 20, 2007

Better Blogging, THROUGH SCIENCE!

As I am sure you are aware as you sit there reading my blog, I am a blogger. "No WAY!" you sarcastically react. "Yes way," I calmly reply. And as a blogger - I have been known on occasion, to blog. Well, I have found a resource to aid me in that process. Sponsored Reviews, a website that hooks up bloggers with advertisers, has created a list of 27+1 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Blog Audience. There is some very helpful stuff there.

Here are some of the tips (the article goes much more in depth than this simple list).

  1. Consider Your Niche
  2. Be Original
  3. Don’t Forget the Design
  4. Choose the Right Platform for Your Blog
  5. Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Blog
Building Your Audience
  1. Consistency is Key
  2. Picking the Right Topics
  3. Interaction is Important
  4. Master the Art of Tagging
  5. Offer Social Bookmarking Options
  6. Digg Yourself – But Do it Wisely
  7. Incorporate Basic SEO Principles
  8. Don’t Forget Your Grammar
  9. Become a Reliable Resource
  10. Stay Informed
Keeping Your Audience
  1. Avoid Gimmicks
  2. Use Trackbacks
  3. Post Items and Lists that Actually Help Your Audience
  4. Reach out to Your Readers
  5. Listen to Your Audience
  6. Stay Topical and Timeless
  7. Watch out For Growing Pains
  8. Interview Industry Leaders
  9. Stay on Top of Blogging Trends and New Techniques
  10. Avoid Alienation

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