March 24, 2007

Tickets to the Happiest Place on Earth

No, I'm not talking about a free for all at an Apple Store, nor am I talking about a money tree. I'm talking about Disney World. How about some low priced park-hopper Disney Tickets? I think that will be a good vacation for pretty much anyone. If you have kids - they'd love it. If you don't - you'll love it. (Of course, I figure you'll love it too even if you do have kids.) Let's just say you'll *feel* like a kid either way. And this year is the year of a million wishes or something like that. So you might end up with some free stuff, and possibly get to stay in Cinderella's Castle!

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Anonymous said...

I went to Disney once. It was a bust. I had SOME fun there, but mostly I was like AHH SOMEONE KILL ME NOW.

Unknown said...

...sort of off track but what's up with GIMPShop for windows....has there been update since 2006?

thanks :)