March 6, 2007

The EU is beautiful this time of year....

My boss is in Hungary. A few days ago, he was in Slovakia. Soon, he'll be in Ohio. But Ohio has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the European Union. That huge, growing, Roman-Empire-like block of nations that wants to become a single nation (and try to take over the world!). You can buy some property in Bulgaria along the Black Sea coast, and get in on the global domination action! Invest in the future of our European overlords today!

(The EU may or may not be interested in ruling the planet. All views expressed in this blog post are for humor purposes and should not be taken seriously. Consult your physician before starting any world domination program. Side effects may include megomania, tiredness, dizziness, and loose stool. Do not taunt Bulgaria. All celebrity voices were impersonated - badly. Offer not valid on the forest moon of Endor. My name is Chad Smith, and I approved this message.)

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1 comment:

Frank said...

lol so much better than the one I did on it a while ago.

C ya!