March 1, 2007

Don't settle for a lock - hire a guard for your data

Protecting your data is important. Your data is the life's blood of your business. Imagine calling up a company that you do business with, and asking a question about an order that you just placed last week, and they said they had no record of your order. After firmly letting them know that you are absolutely certain that you have placed an order with them just a few days ago, they advise you that they do not discount your claim. They simply do not have any records of any orders last week due to a massive power failure at their office. They've already charged your card - but they can't know what you ordered, or if you really placed an order with them or not - because their systems went down. It will take months to sort it all out, and you may not ever get your product. I doubt you'll ever be doing business with them again - and that's if you don't sue them.

Now imagine going down to your bank, walking up the ATM, and trying to withdraw some spending cash for the weekend. Only the ATM doesn't recognize your card. You go inside, and they can't find your account. Their system has been compromised. Your money is gone.

Now imagine your business - a customer walks in, a customer you know well - at least by face - because of how often he's been to your shop. But you can't pull up his account because the systems are down. You may have just lost a valuable customer - and all the potential customers that he may have recruited for you if you had retained his business.

Computers are fickle things. Almost anything can throw them off. A virus, spyware, adware, hackers, power failures, power surges, old equipment, a spilled cup of coffee... But what if your system wasn't anywhere near your cup of coffee? What if it wasn't anywhere near you? What if instead of locking down your data when you lock up the shop - you hired an armed guard to watch over your valuable data 24/7? Wouldn't you feel more secure? You don't keep all your money locked up in the office - why would you keep your much more valuable data there? Let the professionals handle it, just like you let the bank watch over your money. (Most money is nothing more than data nowadays anyway.) Enter Managed Servers Charlotte. These data center professionals can keep watch over your data 24/7/365. You won't have to worry about keeping up with your records ever again.

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