February 13, 2007

A short story.

This is a fictional story.

A friend of mine from college had it pretty rough. Her parents were not very supportive, her boyfriend-of-the-moment was a jerk, and she was struggling with keeping up in class as she worked her full-time job and a part-time work study. It was pretty rough. She would come into class late, frazzled from not getting enough sleep, and hadn't done anything fun just-for-her in months. Then she found something to take the edge off. A little white powder and suddenly everything was fun again. Of course, that didn't last. The little money she had left over from school bills wasn't enough to support her habit, so she ended up missing a few payments at college, and was soon kicked out, which means she lost her dormroom, which meant she was homeless. She couldn't go back home - no way her parents would understand - so she ended up living with some guy off campus. That didn't go well either, and soon her life was spiraling out of control. That's when she finally listened to her friends and underwent drug treatment at Stone Hawk. After a few months, she was out and she was clean. She's back in school now. A couple years behind schedule, but she's going to make it. Her parents weren't as unsupportive as she thought, and are helping her along the way. I'm really excited to see the change in her life, and can't wait to see what she's able to do now that she's free of that addiction.

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