February 28, 2007

A culturally specific YouTube alternative

Are you like me? Do you like the YouTube? Do you like the user created content? Do you like watching idiots blow up coke bottles in their driveway? Do you like watching 80 year olds talk about World War I? Do you like watching tech guru geniuses like Chad W. Smith share their insights into how the world ought to be? Do you like watching kids play the Super Mario Brothers theme on a 12-string guitar? Do you like watching emo kids cry about their favorite band breaking up? No, well on that last one, neither do I really. But if you like YouTube at all - and especially if you are in/from/are-interested-in the land of India, you should check out AapkaVideo - Indian Videos. It is the India-native version of YouTube. User created content, and free video hosting. You should check it out if you are interest in BollyWood, cricket, or the Indian culture.

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