February 8, 2007

Background reports

When I had to find someone to help us out at work with the website, I knew exactly who I wanted to get. And, thankfully, that all worked out. My fellow web jockey at the office is a great worker, and knows his stuff. One of the weird things that I learned as I was helping in the process of finding someone to hire (I didn't make the final decision, but I was involved in the process) was the practice of background checks. Instant Background Checks are available online, and are vital to businesses around the world. It's hard to know who to trust in today's world, and when you are firing someone to work in your company, to have access to your financial records, and those of your clients and customers, you have to know if the person you are interviewing is really the person they represent themselves to be. Background checks are able to make this process work. You can see a person's criminal history (if there is any) and therefore be better informed to make a proper decision about your hiring process. The background check on my friend and coworker obviously did not reveal anything negative, and I'm glad to be able to work with him. In a small business like the one I'm in, your coworkers can easily become your friends. It was a little weird running a background check on someone I knew from college - but since there was nothing hiding in his proverbial closet - there was no problem with the check. If you are hiring someone for a key position in your business (and what position isn't key on some level), then running a background is a proper, wise, economical, and important thing to do.

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