February 24, 2007

Access your computer from anywhere


It's 6:30pm on a Friday night. You have a report that you have to present to the board first thing Monday morning. The office will be locked up all weekend. As you go over your printed PowerPoint presentation, you notice that you've put the data from one form in backwards, and as you are going through your notes, you'd really like slide 15 to be slide 13 and slide 16 to be slide 25. Don't you wish you had some way to access your office computer from home? Well, you could, if you had RemotePC - Remote Access. RemotePC allows you to access your Internet enabled computer from anywhere. In fact, up to ten computers could access the computer at the same time, and that would make multi-location meetings a breeze. For a small monthly fee, you can have the power of remote access for your business - or even your home PC. You should check them out!

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Unknown said...

You could also try something like I'm InTouch for remote access. Its similar to RemotePC but has some added functionality like being able to access your Outlook from any wireless device.