January 28, 2007

So, you wanna be a podcaster?

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I like to YouTube. The best thing about YouTube is that its easy and free. Well, know I've found a place for Free Podcast Hosting. It's called "MyPodcast," (wonder where they got the idea for that name?) However, there are a few problems. Number one, it's confusing as to whether or not they place ads in your podcast. It's clear that they have that option, but it talks about paying the podcaster if you do that. I can't tell from reading their site whether or not they always place the ads, or just if you sign up for their "money-making" service. Only after creating an account and seeing their FAQ do I see that they do insert ads into *all* podcasts.

Secondly, once you upload a podcast to them - they can use it however they like. It's not really all that different from the YouTube contract - but I just wanted to point that out. If you want to retain exclusive rights - don't use MyPodcast (or YouTube for that matter). To be clear - you aren't giving up any of your rights - you can publish your content where ever you'd like, it's just that MyPodcast can too.

And, probably the worst part of all - according to the "Terms and Agreements" they require a credit card. I didn't see that in the sign up process - but it's there. Maybe that was for advertisers, I don't know. And it looks like they are using some kind of Blogger clone or something to create the podcast webpage.

Also their "Podcast recorder" is Windows only - so that leaves Mac and Linux users out in the cold. And, according to their FAQ, they do not plan to work with Mac or Linux ever either.

So - there you have it. If you want to start making money by podcasting - MyPodcast is available - but only if you are on Windows.

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