January 29, 2007

An Open Letter to the Tech Community

Please thoughtfully consider my request.

Please leave any comments, suggestions, or rebutals in a comment. Thank you.

Add to any service

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Anonymous said...

Chad, I think your videos are very good. Your thoughts are well laid out and the pacing is done quite well. I like the idea of an all in one device. It can be done and it will be incredibly expensive but first we as consumers are going to get teased for years with product that come close, why, because there is money to be made on consumers buying the latest gadgets, if you solve the problem for the consumer then you no longer have that consumer spending to fill their needs. Actually fulfilling a need completely is bad business, "Always leave them wanting more is the motto."

However if you could get some company to actually make this device and make it affordable you could wipe out the competition and all you would need to do is come out with the new and improved edition to keep the consumers buying more.