January 29, 2007

Contracts a plenty

Selectica Inc. provides customers with technology that models, streamlines and automates complex business processes. For years, Selectica has been a recognized leader in sales configuration technology designed for complex products and services. In 2005, the company extended its product portfolio into contract lifecycle management with the acquisition of Determine Software.

Selectica has been providing technological solutions for businesses to streamline and automate their complex corporate processes for years. More than 3/4 of business relationships are controlled by contracts. But the process of keeping up with the lifecycle of this contracts is complicated, easily forgotten or mishandled, and rarely automated or simple. Without a clear understanding of the contracts between businesses, millions of dollars of trade can take place ineffectively. However, Selectica Inc. has a solution.

Selectica’s Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management solution provides real-time insight into all contracts within the company. This Contract Management gives customers control of their spending, a way to stop wasting money, and the knowledge power to enforce compliance, limit risk, and know when a contract needs to be renewed, released, or renegotiated.

Selectica's customers include Bell Canada, Cisco, Dell, General Electric, Hitachi, Juniper Networks, Time Warner, and 7-Eleven.

Selectica is offering a free Contract ManagementContract Management survey to see if their Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management solution is right for your business.

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