January 24, 2007

The Apple iPhone

I *LOVE* the Apple iPhone!

No, Seriously. I LOVE it. I wouldn't change a thing. Well... Maybe a couple of things....

First, I would not lock it into one network. I'm currently on Cingular - but com'on. Let everybody play! (Not that Apple is known for getting along well with other companies *cough* iTunes* *cough*.

Secondly - I'd open the format. You got to let 3rd party developers make apps for it, Apple! I don't want to be forced to use Safari all the time. Let's see Firefox on that bad boy!

Also, LOWER THE PRICE! Hasn't Apple ever heard of "loss leader"? You're supposed to *lose money* on cell phones, and make it back in spades on the service plans. But it's only going to cost Apple $200 - $250 to make the hardware - and they *start* at $499 - and that's *WITH* the 2 year contract!

More storage.

More business-type apps. I want my iNewton! Give me a PDA. Give me Apple Office! I want to write spreadsheets on the iPhone.

But, I say all this without ever touching a real life iPhone (of course, so do 99.9997482% of all the other iPhone "reviewers" online, since next to nobody has held one. So, Apple, if you want to convince me that the iPhone is perfect - I suggest you start by sending me a comp one so I can play with it.

All in all, what I'm most excited about the iPhone is the innovation it's going to force Motorola, LG, etc. to have to do to keep up. Competition = innovation + lower pricers = happy consumers. Thanks Apple for pushing phones to the next level.

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