December 16, 2006

PayPerPost goes full disclosure

Just in case you didn't know, I get paid to blog. In fact, I'm getting paid for writing this. Starting Monday, PayPerPost will require that all of us Posties - (or bloggers who write for their advertisers) - have a prominently displayed disclosure policy that lets readers (ie - you) know that we get paid to write, in our own words, our own opinions about the things we want to write about. I've had my disclosure policy up for months now. Not that it's any big secret that I - write - for - Pay - Per - Post. It should be pretty obvious. This is a sponsored post. I got paid to write this. But I'd write it anyway. Because it's a good thing. PayPerPost has encouraged Posties to disclose for months - and now it's officially a policy. I'm glad it is.

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