December 5, 2006

Looking for some British Love

There are a ton of dating sites now days. My best friend from college met his wife that way, and they couldn't be happier. I found a web site for online dating in the UK, now, I'm not from England, but let me tell you about this site. It's free, which is odd for dating sites. They claim it's all ad-driven. And spam, I'd imagine, (they say they send you emails to help pay for it - sounds like spam to me.) It's not compatibility matching like e harmony or match. (E harmony is where my best friend met his wife.) So you find what you ask for instead of based on personality logarithms. I prefer the computer to do the matching for me, that way I'm not swayed by a good or bad picture. Oh, and since it's British - expect some bad teeth. ;) Just kidding UK peeps.

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