November 13, 2006

That's a lot of bull

Have you ever wanted to watch professional bull riders? Have you ever been to Las Vegas, NV? Well here's a place to get tickets to the Pro Bull Riders in Las Vegas.

Whether it is the excitement of seeing man against beast or the thrill of watching professional athletes on the roughest rides of their lives, rodeo fans love bull riding and have made it one of rodeo's most popular events.

Bull riding is a very challenging event that requires balance, control, and strength, bull riding pits man versus animal with the ultimate goal being a successful 8 second ride. The bull rider uses a rope with a single hand-hold that is pulled tight behind the bull’s shoulders and held fast by the cowboy’s riding hand. The cowboy must stay on the bull using only one hand on the rope. A weighted bell attached to this rope hangs underneath the bull and falls free from the animal at the end of the ride.

With the bull turning, spinning, and kicking, the cowboy isn’t required to spur but will often move his dull rowel spurs along the bull to maintain contact and balance. Spurring to accommodate the bull’s bucking style and to increase control will add points to the contestant’s score.

The rider is disqualified if his free hand touches the bull or himself during the ride or the rider hits the ground before the eight-second buzzer. As in all roughstock events, the bull’s bucking efforts account for half the rider’s score.

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