November 8, 2006

Now we're cooking with gas...

Or is it beer? When I was a little guy, my grandmother owned her own resturant. It was called "The Chuckwagon" and the whole family worked there. It was a southern home-style restaurant, and people would come from miles around, from 2 or 3 counties over, some had to rive over mountians, just to eat at my grandmother's restaurant. She made the best hot rolls in the world. She told me one time what the secret was. It was a little bit of Budweiser in the dough. As a conservatively raised child of 5 years old, that bothered me. Until she explained that the cooking process burns out all the alcohol, therefore making it ok to eat. The beer just helped the dough to rise and be more fluffy and moist.

Turns out my grandmother wasn't the only one who knew this little trick. There is a website advertising their Thanksgiving Treats. However, I think these guys don't want the alcohol to cook out. I mean, the name of the site is Beer Liquors. Not exactly your family friendliest of titles.

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