November 9, 2006

Cell Phones are soooo 1990s...

I love VoIP. (VoIP = Voice over Internet Protocol - or using the Internet to make phone calls.) That's why I use SunRocket. It's great. I can call anywhere in the US and Canada for one low monthly rate, get my voicemail forwarded to my email, even have multiple numbers from around the nation. And it's just awesome. (Until the cable goes out. But other than that...) - VoIP is the way to go!

But SunRocket isn't the only game in town. Most people have heard of Vonage, (because of their TV ads, mostly), and there's also ViaTalk. =ViaTalk is having a sale on Internet Phone Service right now, and if you are considering VoIP, you might want to check them out. It's hard to beat free, and ViaTalk is offering 6 months of VoIP for free. Plans range from $15.95 per month to $22.95 per month. And that includes unlimited calling to the United States of America and Canada. To get the 6 free months, you have to sign a 2 year contract - but that's also how you get the lowest rate, (the $15.95 per month). So, if my math is correct, that's two and a half years for only $382.80 plus tax. Not too shabby if you ask me.

Land line phones are dead. Cell phones are dying. VoIP is the wave of the future. WiFi hot spots are going to be like Cell towers soon. It's going to be a wonderful future. And you can get in on it now by signing up for VoIP.

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