October 30, 2006

The power of the consumer

Whenever a customer leaves a company that they were subscribed to, (like a cable company, cell provider, or ISP), it's called Churn. A Churn Rate is the amount of people that leave during a set period of time.

There have been several times that I have added my presence to the churn rate. I left AOL, because I woke up from the stupid drugs I had taken a year earlier. I left BellSouth, because MCI's Neighborhood was cheaper. I left MCI because SunRocket blows them all away!

MCI sucks, so you know. I called and canceled - or tried to cancel - they made it sound like they would shut me down right away, (I wanted a few days to move.) So, I told them when I wanted to cancel, and long story short - they changed me for 3 months of service to an apartment that I didn't live in. Bastards! Never EVER E V A R give money to MCI. They are nothing but theives.

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