October 10, 2006

Is PayPerPost evil?

What do you think of blog advertising is it better to have a bunch of blinking annoying banner ads or paid honest opinions about products and services? I personally would rather see someone getting paid for their reviews. PayPerPost is empowering the review power of the swarm. It's a Good Thing (tm). I've been paid to tell people that I don't like stuff. It's not belittling the honesty of bloggers, it's simply paying for that honesty.

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Linger Longer said...

Hi chad,
I saw your video on the payperpost website. I saw you lived in Chattanooga, and thought that was cool, because I am right here in KNoxville, so we're neighbors. Anyway, i digress. I am genuinely interested in payperpost, but I am new to blogging, and I am wondering what a "review" looks like, how it is reviewed, and if the products you review can "mesh" with your blog. Thanks for any input. ciao