August 12, 2006

Playing SNES Mega Man X & X2 at the same time!

This video shows two roms (MegaMan X and MegaMan X2) being controlled by the same controller. It shows the power of the emulators - and the similarities between the two games.

From the author's description:

This movie was made using an emulator with savestates and slowdown. It's meant to show the game pushed to its limits.

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This specific movie is located here:


One person's silly idea is another person's inspiration.

This movie is essentially constructed by taking one controller and wiring it into two SNES emulators at once. The same input is used to play both games to completion.

In other words, the player plays two games simultaneously with one controller.

This movie:
- Plays two games in one movie
- Takes damage to save time
- Abuses programming errors in both games

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