August 7, 2006

Hot Time, Summer in the City

It's hot. Dang hot. Global Warming Hot. And then there are nearly spontaneous bursts of rain. More than once I have driven home from work sitting in a puddle of rainwater because I left my window down. You see my car has no AC, so I drive with the windows down, and leave them down so my car won't be hot when I get in it. (And even that doesn't always work. My car has gotten so hot, cans of diet coke that I left in the carton in the backseat have literally *EXPLODED*.

Well, it seems I am not alone. Someone much smarter than I has come up with a way to turn the sun into a way to *COOL* your car. How about a solar powered fan for your car? Yep. They are here, and they are pretty cheap. Find out more here: Auto Cool Solar Car Fan

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