August 2, 2006

EA Drops Bombshell: Wii Games "No More Than $49.99"

EA dropped the news during a conference call "...we have ramped up [game] production for the Wii and DS Lite' following significant excitement over the Nintendo-created consoles at E3. Wii games won't cost more than US$49.99 at launch."

I love the Wii. Well, I love what I've seen / heard about the Wii. I can't wait until it comes out. This is just one more reason why the Wii will be my console of choice in the "Next Gen" market - Cheaper Games. Add to that intuitive / innovative controls - a huge library of awesome classic games - making games fun again with stuff like WarioWare and BrainAge. I love Nintendo, and I love the Wii. Rock on, Mario, rock on.

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