August 26, 2006

"Dude, why do you *TELL* people you blog for PayPerPost?"

First off - I want to go on record as saying this post is not a paid post. I'm not getting any money to say any of this. This is all me. I'm replying to a comment left on one of my videos. In efforts for full disclosure - the video*was* something I made for PayPerPost - they paid me to make the video. (link)

Here's the comment:
dude, you've got great vids, but why do you always advertise pay per post? i mean, if i was, i wouldn't want anybody to know about it.
Thanks for the complement about my videos. I appreciate it very much.

I don't have a problem telling people I get paid to blog by PayPerPost. (If I had a problem with people knowing about it - I wouldn't do it. 8^) ) Plus, they pay me to talk about them - so why not?

It's an easy way to make money. It's not much different than putting banner ads on your blog or something - except you get to control exactly what is put up there. You get to pick the topic, and you can say what you want about the topic. Sometimes they require you to say nice things about what they are advertising - but not all the time. Heck, I got paid $7.50 to tell people how much I don't like most reality TV shows - by someone promoting a reality TV show.

The point is - it's easy, it's fun, and it's good money. I've made over a hundred bucks making videos like this one, and writing blog posts. One of the blog post I wrote was about a table that people are selling like the one I've got my laptop on write now as I type this.

Some people think that PayPerPost or others like it are bad things - that they somehow cheapen blogging or make you a sellout or something. I don't blog about things I don't want to blog about. I don't say things that aren't true just to make a buck. And sometimes that means I don't take every opportunity - and sometimes I sign up for one, but don't qualify. Like my video about my golfing story - the PGA thing - that was inspired by PayPerPost - but I my video didn't qualify, because I'm not a golf fan (and said so in the video) - and the thing describing what the video had to be like said "Looking for Golf Fans - actually Golf Fanatics!" Well, that's not me, so I didn't qualify.

It's not shady - it's not bad. Sure, I could have lied on the video and said how much I love golf (but I don't) - but I'm not going to do that for a few bucks. If I did that kind of stuff - maybe then I wouldn't want people to know I blog for PayPerPost. But that's not me.

Hope that helps clarify the situation.

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