July 11, 2006

Money Can't Buy Happiness, but I'd still like some

The lottery here in Tennessee is sitting at $72 Million. I usually don't play until it's over $100 M, and even then it's only like a ticket or 2. I figure you only get one shot to win the lottery - better make it count.

So there's this new show called Windfall - http://www.nbc.com/Windfall/money_tracker/ - about a bunch of people who share a multimillion dollar lottery prize. Which got me thinking what I would do with millions of dollars.

First, I would pay txes, becaues I'd have no choice. Then I would tithe, or give 10% of the prize to God, via the local church. (I don't want God pissed at me and cursing my money.) Then I'd buy my family neew houses, and cars, and furniture. Then the surgeries would begin. I'd instantly lose 100 pounds and have perfect teeth. I'd get a new house and a couple of cars, too. And new computers - and lots of video games. :) I'd travel all over - Japan, Brazil, Hawaii, Israel, Paris,

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