July 15, 2006

I'm tired of blogging to just one planet

For months now, I've been sharing my thoughts, my diggs, my comics, my videos, and my life with the world. It's been fun and interesting to see that people from around the globe have visted my site and read my thoughts, watched my videos, and heard my voice. But, one globe isn't enough. I want the Universe to be able to read about my trips to Little Ceasar's Pizza. And now, they can.

There is a site called Blog In Space ("space, space, space...") [ http://www.bloginspace.com ]. It takes your blog and broadcast it into space via a "powerful deep space transmission dish." I don't actually believe in aliens - but, if they are out there - they need to watch the Chad-Chad video too. If you want the Klingons, the Naboo, and the Melmacians to be able to read your blog, just sign up - it's free.

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