May 30, 2006

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.... and some results

Okay, as some of you may recall, exactly a month ago, I posted an actual written blog entry called Decisions, Decision, Decisions. An actual blog entry, as opposed to a vlog, or a comic, or a digg. The title my fat fingers were supposed to type was "Decisions, Decisions, Decisions" but, I missed an s. Oh well.

Well, in the past month, I've made a decision or two. My choices were mostly about what kind of electronic gizmos I was gonna buy with my as-yet-unrevealed-potential-windfall. As that potential windfall has yet to materialize, it must remain a mystery, but the wheels are yet in motion. However, I have been able to gather some funds elsewhere and start making some purchases.

My most happy purchase is of an Apple MacBook. I went for the most bang for your buck, and bought the cheapest one. In fact, I bought it from Amazon, so no taxes for my state - and they have a $100 rebate, which ends at midnight tonight (May 30) - prolly should have wrote about this sooner. >:) Oopsie! Sorry about that, faithful reader. So, after rebates, 2-day free shipping, the A9 searcher discount, and my cash back bonus from my debit card - the $1099 +tax Apple lappy ended up costing me a mere $965. Of course, since I didn't buy it straight from Apple - I got not upgradable features, no AppleCare (although I can buy it later) and no MacBook. At least, not yet. It's on BackOrder. The shipdate says July 28 - but I've read reports that Amazon is posting crazy backorder dates like that to cover their butts. Some people with expected ship dates of end of Julyish have already got their notebooks. So I have hope. I kinda expect it next week - but we'll see.

Another purchase I've made but have yet to receive is my DS Lite - of course, it's not been released in the US yet - so I'm just waiting for June 11 to get here so I can go pick it up. A steal at only $129. Preordered at Electronics Boutique (aka GampStop).

And finally (for the time being) my last major purchase has been a Tapwave Zodiac from ebay - which I got for only $101.99 and that includes shipping. I got that instead of my beloved GP2X. Which, if my windfall comes in - I will prolly get one of those as well. The Zodiac, for those of you who don't know, is a Palm OS based game system / PDA / PMP. So it's like everything I wanted from the GP2X, but more. More emus - more stable emus - more playback support - and PDA features (it's a Palm). It also has more expandablity with 2 SD slots - and WiFi SDIO card support (which I don't think the GP2X has). So, while the GP2X has more potential for growth - the Zodiac has more to offer now. Which, since the only reason I bought the Zodiac is because I needed something to play with while I waited for my MacBook and DS Lite - immediate gratification was my sole motation - it makes sense.

Well, I need to get some work done before I got to bed. Maybe some day I'll come back and add some links. Maybe.

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