April 20, 2006

The Death of the Operating System

Thanks to Parallels Workstation virtualization software, OpenStep 4.2 is up and running on a MacBook Pro at blazing speed and with a high resolution, true-color display. A definite "back to the roots" moment.

Okay, so here's the thing. I'm pretty sure Parallels Workstation, made possible by Apple's move to the Intel chip and the x86 architecture, and the release of BootCamp, and the OSx86 project, all of which started when Apple based their new OS (OS X) on UNIX. Added with Microsoft's support for Linux in Virtual Server 2005 R2, (along with projects like colinux, PearPC, cygwin, GTK, and others), and Linux's ablity to dual-boot, (LiLo and GRUB), and projects like WINE, Win4Lin, Mac-On-Linux, CrossOver Office, Cedega, and others.... Solaris going open source, and then switching to the x86 chipset.... This all adds up to the END of the operating system as we know it.

Of course, the OSes will still be there - only, it won't matter which one you are running, since you can literally run them all. So there won't be any more Mac vs. Windows / Linux vs. Windows / Linux vs. Mac debates.

I have a theory I'm going to test as soon as I can get an Intel Mac.... And I'll get back with you.

Let's just say, it's gonna be weird.

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