March 19, 2006

Being late sucks...

You know, this whole "___ sucks" titling thing seems to work. It's not that I'm overly negative - it's just that it's a consistent and (somewhat) comical way to title my blog entries. As someone with a psych degree, I know that one could read too much into my choice of titles - but try not to psychoanalyze me too much.

Another one of my friends got married this weekend. I work with this friend. I went to school with this friend. This friend is one of the few people who reads my blog. I made plans to be at the wedding. I got off from work - which meant someone had to come in to work for me. I got him a card and a gift card. I went to his website to get directions. I got the presents from the people at the office who had to work that day. I got all dressed up - and I drove out there. But I did not go to the wedding. Nope, I got there just in time for pictures. Somehow I got it in my head that the wedding was at 2 o'clock, when it was actually at 1. I thought I was doing good by getting there "early" at around 1:30. I am an idiot. If you read this, James - again, I'm incredibly sorry and very embarrassed.

Do you know how awkward it is to "hang out" at a wedding reception with a bunch of people who *didn't* see you in the wedding? I mean, it wasn't like it was a huge wedding where I could have possibly been sitting on the far other side. Pretty much everyone saw everyone sitting in the chapel. You can't make the standard "after-wedding small talk" either. "What a lovely service!" only works if you saw it. And "Was it a lovely service?" doesn't work as well. I didn't know many people there. Like 4 or 5 outside of the lovely couple. Most of the ones I knew were from college - and we were friends, but not like really close friends. And, of course, you can't hang out with the groom the whole time - he's kind of the center of attention.

Having a date might have helped take some of the pressure off - but then again, it would depend on how close of a couple you were. Having to put up with a nagging "I can't *BELIEVE* you didn't check the invitation, Chad!" "I'm so embarrassed - everyone thinks were wedding crashers!" etc. would *not* have taken the pressure off.

Of course, a good girlfriend would have been responsible for making sure we made all the plans right. She would have had the invitation like up on a bulletin board or in her purse or something. So we wouldn't have been late in the first place.

So having a date would have either solved everything - or made it incredibly worse - depending on your make and model of date.

The worst part about it.... Okay, it's all pretty bad - let's just say the dumbest part - or something. I don't know - but the most ___ part about it is that the website I went to in order to print out directions to the wedding - that website had the freaking time on it. And I didn't read it.

There was never a point at which I doubted the time of the wedding. Even after I came into the wedding chapel and saw people eating cake, and my friends met me and told me they had to go upstairs for pictures - even then I thought ...

Huh? 2 weddings in this chapel on the same day? What is this - Vegas? - I am glad the couple's getting the pictures out of the way before the ceremony. I hate waiting after the ceremony for the couple to get their pictures made. Whoever came up with that "bad luck to see the bride before the wedding" thing *obviously* never had to wait an hour to eat cake. That's torture!
So like the whole time after the wedding I'm like lurking in the corners, trying not to get noticed.

Anyway - James, and Andrea again, I'm sorry. I am an idiot. Congratulations and blessings on your new life together.

Weddings never work out well for me. I think the wedding fairy hates me. But that's okay - I don't want some danged fairy liking me anyway. Except the tooth fairy. She's hot. And Tinkerbell. I guess I do like fairies after all. Glosimer is hot.

So - being late sucks.

Not checking the website for a time sucks.

Just admiring the appearance of the invitation without actually reading the whole thing - sucks.

Lurking in the shadows feeling like some sort of stalker / cake thief sucks.

Missing your friend's wedding really sucks.

People hitting your car sucks.

New TV's that don't work sucks.

And Valentine's Day totally sucks.

Fairies - generally, they don't suck. Please, folks, no inappropriate jokes here. This is a family blog.

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